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This page is provided as a service for our valued readers. We cannot endorse everything that might appear on these links. But, to the best of our knowledge these web sites do not contain any offensive material. As always, it is the readers responsiblity to compare what is taught to God's word.


This link is more that a church locator. Nebraska at - a world directory

Steve Rudd's church directory, which uses the database from which the Guardian of Truth listings are produced Steve says it is for non-institutional groups only, and criteria for inclusion are the same as the GoT's list.

Richie White maintains a good site. Click Here.

Keep up the good fight.

The Christian's Toolbox was started by Danny Aragon, Steven Sprouse, and others. This is a excellent place to find Bible study material, Christian evidence recources, a couseling workbook, and other useful item.

Ron Boatwright has the following four websites.

"Are You Really Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation?" Click Here for 25 online lessons.

"Are You Worshipping God In Spirit And In Truth?" Click Here for 24 online lessons.

Here is a 7 lesson study entitled: "How To Do Personal Evangelism" and there is also other Bible study aids that you can download and print to help you teach others the gospel.

The fourth web site is entitled "Biblical Church Bulletin Articles" and has a number of short articles suitable for inclusion in church bulletins or used as tracts. Each article is Biblical and doctrinally sound. Feel free to utilize these in your church bulletins, or in any other way to the glory of God.

The New York churches of Christ, producers of "Focus On Truth" TV programs, maintain a video library of over 475 TV programs (most in English, some in Spanish). Over the last 20 years "Focus On Truth" TV programs have been used as an evangelistic tool for the churches of Christ worldwide. The discussion and interview formats are designed to address everyday problems and resolve those situations through Christian dialogue and Bible study.


This is not a link, but very good to read!


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